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Radio Riot

Radio Riot is without a doubt the hottest new wedding/nightclub band in New York. They are becoming known, up and down the east coast, as the band that brings the party with them to each and every single event they play. This six-piece group, fronted by powerful male and female lead vocals, instantly sets itself apart from other bands with its abounding energy and unsurpassed showmanship.


This band’s versatility, stage presence, and infectious brand of fun will have grandma grooving along with the flower girl while providing their clients with nothing but the utmost in professionalism and quality entertainment on their special day. The band also has a dynamic three-piece horn section available to add flair to an astonishingly eclectic song selection. Radio Riot covers everything from 40’s Swing to today’s hottest dance and rock. Unlike most bands that are driven by sequencers and pre-recorded music, Radio Riot prides itself on providing you with that live band excitement and makes it a priority to provide a memorable experience for both you and your guests. 

Marco Ribeiro - Lead Vocals;

Nicki Winz - Lead Vocals;

John “The Frog” Faughey - Guitar Keyboards Lead Vocals;

Jared Scot - Guitar Lead Vocals;

David Godfrey - Bass Lead Vocals;

Phillip Tuzzolo - Drums

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What Clients Say

Barbara is amazing! We reached out to Radio Riot (the band) in 2012 when my wife and I were planning our wedding. The first night we met in 2010, Radio Riot was playing at Claudios in Greenport, NY. I told my future wife that night that this band that will play at our wedding when we get married. TRUE STORY.

Well, Radio Riot played our wedding - and it was by far the best musical experience of any wedding or event we, and our guests, had ever experienced. They made the night truly special and no one stopped dancing! Barbara made the experience of booking and coordination easy. She is a true professional with great communication throughout the process.

Cut to last weekend, June 3, 2023, our ten year anniversary, but more importantly, my wife's "First Annual 39th Birthday Celebration". I reached out to Radio Riot again to play our party in Concord, MA. True to form, Barbara was all over it. The band signed on and we were off! 

Radio Riot DELIVERS! They are true performers and kept our group of 150 dancing all night, again. They interacted with the crowd, were singing on the middle of the dance floor - everything you would hope for. This is not your standard, run-of-the-mill "wedding band". (How awful is an event with an average band?) These guys are AMAZING!! Our friends and family were absolutely blown away, as was the venue's staff. The energy they produce is not something I have ever experienced with other cover bands, and I guarantee is not something you have seen before (unless you have seen Radio Riot). Their music and voices make you feel like the original band is playing for you. True professionals all around.

Feel free to get my info from Barbara and I'll be happy to share about my three amazing experiences with Radio Riot and Omnipop. (Maybe I'll even share some photos or videos with you).
-Nick V
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