Members: Jim - Drums; Jon - Guitar, Vocals; Steve - Vocals, Keys; Tom - Bass; Greg - Keys, Guitar, Vocals

Members: Jim - Drums; Jon - Guitar, Vocals; Steve - Vocals, Keys; Tom - Bass; Greg - Keys, Guitar, Vocals


Looking for a fun band? Find Peat Moss and The Fertilizers. They are the most animated, fun loving and talented group of performers on the circuit today. Together since high school, this tight-knit group of friends have come a long way, with thousands of performances under their belt! Their ever-expanding song list of fun, upbeat material wows all music fans from any age group. One thing heard time and time again about the band is that they possess tremendous energy and a love of their craft, which shines through in every performance. This provides the audience with a ‘vacation from reality,’ as one viewer remarked. Peat Moss and The Fertilizers will never let you down and never leave an audience unfulfilled. So get on the dance floor, forget all of your problems and be prepared to dance the night away.



First of all... there was never a doubt in my mind that I would be using Peat Moss and the Fertilizers for my wedding band. Our wedding was last night and I'm writing this ASAP because I want to be able to express just how amazing they were. Barbara was always a pleasure to work with.. so helpful and easy to speak to. Thank you, Barbara! We did some non-traditional entrances into the reception hall, and I was able to speak with Greg from the band ahead of time to make sure everything would be perfect... and it was. Gosh I don't even know how I can write just how wonderful they were. I've always enjoyed seeing them play at bars.. and I knew I wanted them at my wedding - long before I was engaged. In fact, I booked them before I booked my venue. Their price is very reasonable compared to other bands and worth every penny. I've been receiving texts all day about how amazing the band was. These guys are so talented and the dance floor wasn't never empty. Even during dinner I just wanted to get up and dance. I am so thrilled with our easy decision to have Peat Moss and the Fertilizers at our wedding. I never had a doubt that they would be amazing - and they more than exceeded our expectations. Thank you so so so much for making our night the best ever. 

After a perfect ceremony, we were so ready for a perfect reception .. which it was, in great part due to "Peat Moss And The Fertilizers." They're the quintessential wedding band. Letter perfect. Not too loud, but really rocking .. not overly sentimental but right in that sweet spot you want for such an important day. As Godfather of the bride, I so wanted the very best for her, and they really delivered. The dance floor was packed for every note of every tune. I emphatically recommend them. Did I say they were good?

-John, October 2018

"I just want to tell you that we could NOT have been any happier with the band. It was AMAZING. They sounded incredible and my guests were literally RAAAAVING about them. I had people coming up to me that they wanted to put deposits on their daughters weddings who were like sixteen years old for 2030! People were dancing like maniacs from start to finish. We didn't even want them to leave, it was that great. The fill in singer was great and I honestly don't know that it sounded that different from times I've seen them live before because it's really about the BAND. This really opened my eyes to that the lead singer is not EVERYTHING, it's the bands energy as a whole (although I know Steve is really great also!). But you were right when you told me that I had absolutely nothing to worry about. Besides the band being amazing and being 100% happy, I really appreciated your call a few days before the wedding keeping me abreast of everything that was going on. You really kept me calm and your proactive steps in finding the fill in days prior and already having rehearsed and having everything taken care of speaks volumes of your company and bands professionalism."



Peat Moss and the Fertilizers were absolutely amazing at our September 7, 2018 wedding! My husband and I never left the dance floor! They were so fun, entertaining, and high energy. We were thrilled that they learned our first dance song and my father daughter dance song as the songs were not on their song list. It meant so much to us. They exceeded our expectations and guests are still raving about how fantastic they were!

-Kristin, September 2018

"I've got to tell you, the band was absolutely amazing! People have not stopped raving about how much fun they had and much they loved the band!  They did an incredible job!    Their set was spectacular! The dance floor was packed the entire night and not one song did people not recognize!  We've had a few people ask who they were bc they wished they had hired them for their weddings!  Even our wedding planner is trying to get them for a few of her brides!!! The band members were so nice and friendly! I hope I get to be a guest at a wedding they play!!  Thank you for your help throughout this process!"

We hired Peat Moss and the Fertilizers for our wedding in July, based on seeing them at both my sister's wedding and another wedding. Barbara was attentive and very helpful during the planning process.

We hired the pianist to play during our ceremony and cocktail hour... he played beautifully!

We requested that the band learn two songs for us that were meaningful for our event. They did a fantastic job! Everybody danced for the whole time... the dance floor was never anything less than mobbed! I recommend Peat Moss and the Fertilizers to anyone who would like to have an upbeat band who plays every genre of music out there! They're so friendly, and flexible, and they helped to make the night.

-Lauren, August 2018

Peat Moss is a band that I've heard play since I was in college. When I found out that they did weddings, I can't tell you how excited I was. My husband jokes that I knew the band I wanted for our wedding before I knew that I wanted to marry him. 

They went so above and beyond expectations. Barbara was great to work with and made the entire process smooth and stress free. The band was incredible. We had over 200 people at our wedding, and tables were empty the entire night because no one stopped dancing. They ran our wedding with professionalism such professionalism, and we had so much fun. Last minute (ten days before) I had an issue with a separate ceremony musician we had planned on, and Peat Moss's keyboard player stepped in without hesitation.

A month later, and still all I hear about is how great the band was!

-Jess, August 2018

Barbara Klein was a fantastic talent agent, and the band represented -- Peat Moss and the Fertilizers -- they were incredibly talented, professional, and nice. I can't say enough about her or the band. They had a wide variety of songs we could choose from, and were able to tailor their set list to our wants. The band was a huge hit at our wedding. We had tons of guests talking about them the night of, and days and weeks after. Thanks, Barbara! I can't say enough good things about your or Peat Moss.

-Michael, September 2018

We booked Peat Moss based off a friend's recommendation and thank god we did. People tell us every day that was the best wedding band they have ever seen. From the moment the doors open they got everyone on the dance floor and kept them there. An amazing variety of songs to keep every age group energized and dancing. We basically didn't eat anything during the reception because we didn't want to leave the dance floor. 

We added the female singer and brass which made such a huge difference. It elevated their performance to an even higher level. Even with that, the price for them was so much better than other bands we were checking out on the Island.

The sound quality was amazing, renditions of our favorite songs spot on, and the band was just fun. Peat Moss made our wedding the most fun one that either of us have ever been to.

-January 2018