Angry Young Men

Members: Dean James Silva - Fronted by / "Piano Man"; Lee Nelson - Drums and Vocals; Joseph Cumia - Bass and Vocals; Brian McKeever - Guitars; Annie Moston - Harmonies and Percussion; Doug Leax - Keyboards/Synths/Strings/Sax

Angry Young Men

Billy Joel's music both lyrically and melodically defines Long Island life. When a Billy Joel song is played, whether it be on the radio, in a bar, at a hotel piano lounge, or by any of the 1000's of "cover bands" that perform every night on Long Island, people pause for a second or two and pay attention... It's something that's reserved for when a listener/fan recognizes something as "their own". When lyrics hit so close to home at times that they can make the listener smile, or weep... When the music can make someone dance uncontrollably or remain completely motionless in anticipation of hearing their favorite part of the song... WHEN THE ARTIST CAN STILL SELL OUT MADISON SQUARE GARDEN on a monthly basis for the past 3 years, there's a special connection between the music Billy Joel has created, and the place he was born... Long Island NY.

"Angry Young Men" understand that connection better than most. Each member of the latest tribute to the music of Billy Joel hails from Long Island. His entire catalogue is metaphorically "embedded in their souls, as well as "encoded in each of their DNA."

In the grand scheme of "all things Billy Joel", there's no shortage of Billy Joel tribute bands worldwide...  At present, the count is around 25 of them. HOWEVER, having 3 of the most notable BJTB's on the planet (not to mention BJ himself) in such close proximity, Angry Young Men knew that being Long Islanders and starting yet ANOTHER BJTB, they'd REALLY have to come to the proverbial "table" and sound amazing... or not bother at all. Coming to the table is something they have done astonishingly well.

The drive behind the band is Dean James Silva's and his unwavering motivation to be the best at everything he does. Having "come up" with the likes of good friend Mike DelGiudice (Big Shot front man and a member of Billy Joel's performing band)  as well as members of Nine Days, Good Rats, and countless other notable Long Island success stories, he's hell bent on making up for lost time... and it shows. All one needs to do is experience an AYM show and the precise emulation of Billy Joel's studio versions come through loud and clear. The band is connected to the music they play on many levels. One might say that growing up Long Islanders, they were "born with it".

If you're a fan of Billy Joel, and you like completely live music, no samples, tracks, or studio magic… Angry Young Men is a great band to see! Catch them before they're not a secret anymore...!